B2B and B2C

We work along side many other small- to medium-sized businesses. If you need larger orders or unique products, please see our info below.



If your product or service is intended for an end-user consumer, but you need some "swag", please check out our promotional product website.

If this describes your business, but you are small and not sure if you can meet "minimum orders", just email us! We have hundreds of products with low- or no-minimums and we're fairly certain we can help you too!


If you also classify your business as B2B, take a look at some of the services we offer. If you don't find something within this list (which is far from all inclusive!), let us know and we can still help!


We can provide ready to press vinyl pieces for projects that have unique prints on each piece, in which a screen is not the smart way to finish your product. Examples: Team names or numbers, Monograms for backpacks, etc.

We also provide dye sublimation sheets ready to apply, should you want a full color image that is too much for a screen. 


Besides the promotional products you may want, we can also help with completely customized closing gifts! (think Last name on a clock, engraved cutting boards, etc)

Restaurant/Food Service

Not only can we provide you with uniforms and menus, we can also help you start a store within your facility to sell unique designs with your logo on shirts, mugs, hats, etc.


Health Clinics, pharmaceutical companies, gyms, and more can benefit from having fun products (like t-shirts or hats) for their clients to buy. We also can provide any and all paperwork (like forms, brochures, flyers, etc).


Are you a graphic artist, painter, interior designer, or any other type of artist and would you love to see your designs on products? This is our specialty! We can put your designs on anything, and most products we can do a minimum of 1 so you can get one for yourself before you jump into your sales! And for the interior designers - we can provide the labels and stickers to make your storyboards look spectacularly professional.

Software Development

Same with a few other options above - its always good to have a bonus source of income in a basic product store. So let us put your logo on shirts, hats, flash drives, power banks, cups and mugs, and more so you can sell your brand more extensively!


Please contact us if you have any questions or if you need help with some products or ideas for you!